The Cannabis Diaries - An Introduction

It's time I come out to you, my faithful readers. I smoke pot. I didn't try it until I was in grad school, around age 23, and I smoked intermittently until I moved to California. Suddenly, I had a MMJ card and I could buy, possess, and imbibe it legally.

The first time I walked into a dispensary, I felt like Dorothy landing in Oz. There I stood, awed by the extensive menu of strains, the kind staff members behind the counter, and the plethora of options for imbibing my new medication. I nervously asked what was good, the way I would ask a bartender standing in front of an impressive wall of spirits. The staffer sensed my unease, smiled, and asked, "First time here?"

"First time anywhere," I replied grinning, "you get to pop my cherry."

"We'll be sure to make it a great experience for you," he assured me.

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Carnalcopia's Media Debut

One of the most important things I learned in Tristan Taormino's Sex Educator Bootcamp was that press releases are everything. She was right. 

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Carnalcopia has arrived!

It was an idea born after a weekend of sleep deprivation. In our delirium, Katie Mack and I decided that our discussions were funny and insightful and that they were worthy of recording and publishing. So we did. Many weeks of "we'll publish in June!" "Just kidding, first week of July!" "Actually make that sometime before the end of July!" and on. And on.

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Shailene Woodley Has No Fucking Clue What Feminism Is

I came across this headline on Time's website: "Shailene Woodley on Why She's Not a Feminist." Now admittedly, before this morning, I didn't know anything about Shailene Woodley. But now I know one thing: Shailene Woodley has no fucking clue what feminism is.

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When Non-Monogamy Triggers Insecurities

Last March, my partner Declan and I opened up our relationship. It was my first experience with ethical non-monogamy and I was both excited and scared. Would either of us get jealous? Would it work? Would we be able to handle it once it went from theoretical non-monogamy to one (or both) of us actually having additional partners? 

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It's been a while

I know it's been a while since I've had a substantive blog post, and I'm about to remedy that. Between the new job and some developments in my primary relationship, I've been incredibly busy and both experiencing writer's blog and not being inclined to write. Well now you're all going to hear all the details.

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A Feminist's Guide to Phone Sex is Live!

Did you know that I'm now a published author? I didn't get to publicize it as much as I meant to since I've been traveling for the past 14 days, but now that I'm back home in LA, I can share the great news - my educational guide, "A Feminist's Guide to Phone Sex" is now live through Frisky Feminist Press!

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Sneak Peek at my Upcoming Guide!

I've been hinting for weeks about my upcoming educational guide and it's almost finished! It's called "A Feminist's Guide to Phone Sex" and it goes live in less than a week! I've been working with Queerie Bradshaw and her recently created Frisky Feminist Press. You can download it on March 13th. Here's a teaser excerpt for you!

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Review: Lovehoney Happy Rabbit

Have you ever been poked in the vulva? It's not terribly pleasant. I don't want to think "wow, this really hurts" as I'm masturbating. Let me explain how this happened.   A few months ago, Lovehoney sent me a Happy Rabbit for review. I was excited to receive this toy because I hadn't owned a rabbit vibe in years. The packaging was lovely - I companies that package their toys in such a way that it feels like unwrapping a present. This toy, unfortunately, was one of those presents that just didn't work for my body.

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Living with an STI Interview on Sex and Happiness

A few weeks ago, Laurie Handlers contacted me and asked if I was interested in being interviewed on her radio show, Sex and Happiness. Since I'm quite a fan of Laurie's show, I happily accepted! I offered a few possible topics, but ultimately the one we chose was "Living and Thriving with an STI."

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