Consent is Sexy...Sometimes. Consent is Mandatory...Always

Sometimes consent is awkward. We live in a culture where people take certain liberties without asking permission. People are used to that. We’re used to having old Aunt Marge pinch our cheeks and leave lipstick smudges. When someone comes at us for a hug, sometimes we just grit our teeth and get through it instead of feeling comfortable saying “no.” Breaking out of that mold means asking first, and that’s a skill that requires practice.

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My Struggle With Body Confidence

I want people to know that it’s okay to struggle. It’s okay to have conflicting feelings about your body. Some days I love my body and feel confident, and some days I hate my body and avoid mirrors. It’s okay. The important thing is to recognize these patterns and notice the things that make you feel better about your body, and do that more! 

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