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What is CannaSexual®? 

Cannabis can be used to enhance sensation, ease discomfort, and promote intimacy during solo or partnered play. It can also help enrich conversations and diffuse tension during difficult discussions. CannaSexual® creator Ashley Manta likes to point out that a feeling of "being high" does not necessarily need to accompany cannabis use. You can easily use topical cannabinoid-infused creams, sprays, balms, or any CBD-only product without feeling high. If you've ever wanted to explore using cannabis in a more intentional way to elevate your life and experiences, you'll find that Ashley's approach is for you.

CannaSexual® is a word Ashley created to describe mindfully and deliberately combining sex and cannabis to deepen intimacy and enhance pleasure. It has grown to become a lifestyle brand, used to represent pleasure-focused events and educational workshops, and is now federally trademarked! CannaSexual® was featured as Playboy's Word of the Week in September 2020.

Ashley's book, The CBD Solution: Sex, was released in September 2020. This book was published in conjunction with Merry Jane and Chronicle Books.

Ashley is an award-winning sexuality professional and has become known as "the CannaSexual®" as a result of her passion and expert knowledge about sex and cannabis. She offers premium Zoom coaching for individuals or couples who are interested in creating more intimacy and pleasure in their lives. Together with Dr. Shannon Chavez, she offers concierge in-person coaching for high performing individuals and couples who want immersive concentrated attention.

Ashley was dubbed "America's High Priestess of Pleasure" when she appeared on the January 2019 cover of Sexual Health Magazine. She documents her hedonistic lifestyle on her Instagram account. She shares educational content on her Tiktok account. Her CannaSexual work landed her on the cover of Sexual Health Magazine in January 2019 and she has been referenced in Forbes, The London Times, Newsweek, Rolling Stone, Globe and Mail, LA Weekly, and more! She was also the featured expert in the "Stoned Sex" episode of Slutever on VICELAND TV.

Photo courtesy of XBiz/Photo by: Dean Capture

Check out the Media and Press page for links to articles about her, podcast interviews, and interviews she has done for a variety of media outlets!

For those who can't make it to in-person classes or events, she's rolled out! Click to visit Elevated Intimacy Academy!


Schedule a virtual coaching session with Ashley:

Are you struggling to own your desires and ask for what you want? Is your relationship stressed? Do you feel like you lack confidence or creativity in the bedroom? It's time to elevate your passion and sensuality! Click here to book a free 30 minute discovery call!

Book Ashley for in-person events:

Contact Ashley via email to discuss bringing her in to virtually facilitate a CannaSexual event. Ashley can tailor events to your specific needs, from private parties to public workshops as part of larger conferences or expos. In the past, she has presented workshops at the Pleasure Chest in West Hollywood, the Cannabis Nurses Network Conference, Cannabliss Retreat, and the New Living Expo in San Francisco. She is also available to speak at retreats and resorts around the world.

CannaSexual Approved Companies and Products:

Sybian - The original, iconic luxury sex machine created 30 years ago by a family-owned company.

Ispire - Dab devices with induction heating for the concentrate connoisseur. 

Sliquid - Ashley's favorite lube on the planet! Body safe, vegan (not tested on animals), free of irritating chemicals. Use coupon code CANNASEX for a 10% discount!


DISCLOSURE: I am an affiliate or paid product rep for some of products that I recommend. If you purchase those items through my links I will earn a commission. You will not pay more when buying a product through my link. Plus, when you order through my link, it helps me to continue to offer you lots of free stuff. Finally, many of the products I reference are freely given to me in exchange for an unbiased review. Thank you in advance for your support!

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