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Welcome! I'm Ashley Manta, an award winning pleasure & intimacy coach and facilitator. I am the creator of CannaSexual®. 

I'm available via Zoom for individual or couples coaching. I also offer Concierge Coaching and Therapy with Dr. Shannon Chavez as part of her Shape Center practice in Beverly Hills. I am also able to travel to speak or create presentations for resorts, colleges, bachelorette parties, sex shops, or events. My mission is to help people have joyful, empowered sex lives! Check out my Substack to get some insight into my work and please email if you're interested in learning more about what I do!


"I’ll take any excuse to reach out to sex educator—and role-play aficionado—Ashley Manta, so that’s exactly what I did. Her first tip is to embrace the awkward feelings."

How To Do It Column by Jessica Stoya, Slate.com, February 2024

"Manta and I sat beside one another and that is when I learned about her fearless approach to sexuality, experimenting with cannabis, and her fierce belief that women are powerful and amazing beings worthy of all good things—including taking your power back and not shying away from ultimate pleasure."

CannaSexual is a Movement by Dawn Garcia, A Taste of Dawn Magazine, May 2023

"Manta’s book is geared at answering questions, and debunking myths, that revolve around CBD use (both in general, and for use during sex). It offers a beautiful spread of psychedelic art and bold images to explain how CBD can increase pleasure, and how to harness its properties properly. Manta even provides DIY recipes on how to make your own lube at CBD-based lube and mocktails at home and includes suggestions for bedroom activities that can help fresh up the reader’s experiences in the bedroom"

Ashley Manta's New Book Explores the Benefits of CBD for Sex By Nicole Potter, Culture Magazine, October 2020

"One common misconception “CannaSexual” coach Ashley Manta is happy to debunk is that sexuality has an expiration date. As far as Ashley is concerned, she’s planning to have sex until the day she dies. And why not? Particularly when she can use cannabis to enhance - and extend - the experience."

No Expiration Date: A Sex Coach and Therapist on Seniors, Intimacy, and Cannabis by Abbie Rosner, Forbes, May 2019

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If you've always wanted to work with me but couldn't make it out to one of my in-person workshops, I'm excited to announce that I've created a series of workshops through my online learning portal, Elevated Intimacy Academy! Click the link below to download my free Dirty Talk Quick Start Guide!


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