A Feminist's Guide to Phone Sex is Live!

Did you know that I'm now a published author? I didn't get to publicize it as much as I meant to since I've been traveling for the past 14 days, but now that I'm back home in LA, I can share the great news - my educational guide, "A Feminist's Guide to Phone Sex" is now live through Frisky Feminist Press!

After months of phone sex work and an intensive 6 weeks of writing and rewriting, my educational guide is now published and available for download! 

Here's an excerpt just to get you warmed up...teasing builds anticipation, right?

"What happens if your partner says no (to phone sex)? This is not the end of the world. Take a deep breath, remember they’re not rejecting you as a person, they may just be uncomfortable with phone sex as a concept. Ask informational questions (beginning with “what” and “how”) to ascertain the source of their reluctance. For instance, “what is it about phone sex that feels uncomfortable for you?” Or “how can I be supportive in exploring this edge with you?” This is much more productive than, “Why don’t you ever want to do anything I want to do?”

Intrigued? Go download it! And if you have feedback, please let me know either by commenting here or emailing me directly at [email protected]

Happy Phone Boning!


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  • Conall Harrison
    commented 2014-08-20 05:09:57 -0700
    This one is authentically looking one of the best guidance about phone sex. It’s really useful information. Thanks for updating to us.
  • White Smith
    commented 2014-07-03 21:46:12 -0700
    When I am free I love to do phone sex rather then real sex. I am loving and enjoying it.

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