International Media

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Sex and Cannabis with Ashley Manta W Radio (Colombia)

Can Cannabis Contribute To Improving Women's Sex Lives? by Jodie Shupac, Globe and Mail (Canada)

Los Angeles Chef Chris Sayegh and His Cannabis Tasting Menus by Ben Hoyle, The London Times Magazine (UK)

Meet the Cannasexuals: Can Your Vagina Get High? by Ayman Al-Juzi, BBC Three (UK)

The Pleasure of Weed by Manuela Aquino, UOL (Brazil)

Cannabis Is An Important Social Justice Issue: Interview with Ashley Manta by Laura Rueda, Yes We Skunk Kannabia Blog (Spain)

Mainstream Media

Holiday Gift Guide 2020: This Year's Best Cannabis Books for Every Consumer on Your List by Amanda Siebert,

The Rise of the CannaSexual: Could This New Movement Spark Your Sex Life? by Noah Michelson,

Playboy Word of the Week: CannaSexual by Ashley Manta,

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No Expiration Date: A Sex Coach and Therapist on Seniors, Intimacy and Cannabis by Abbie Rosner,

Everything You've Ever Wanted To Know About Pegging by Molly Longman,

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Goal Oriented Sex Could Be Ruining Your Intimate Life by Vanessa Powell,

The Rolling Stone Guide to Legal Pot: California by Amanda Chicago Lewis,

Here's What It Means to be a 'CannaSexual' by Amanda Duberman,

CNN Facebook Live NYE with Randi Kaye

Podcast Interviews 2024

Don't Trip! How to Introduce Weed and Psychedelic's into your Sex Life with Ashley Manta! What's Your Position

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New Cannabis Products including "The CBD Solution: Sex" by Javier Hasse,

Holiday Gift Guide 2020: This Year's Best Cannabis Books for Every Consumer on Your List by Amanda Siebert

Videos of Ashley's Work

These Women Are Combining Yoga, Sex, and Weed for the Ultimate Orgasm by Civilized, featuring Ashley Asatu of Yogasm and Joy Victoria of Mahogany Mary Events

How Cannabis Enhances Sexual Relationships with Rosie Mercado: The Girl With Self Esteem Issues

Ashley Manta, CannaSexual on The Green Room,

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The Cosmic Pussy Sisterhood with Michelle Crawford, Cannabis Coach

Light My Fire: Cannabis and Intimacy with Kandice Hawes, Friends of the Farm

A Pragmatic Approach to Sex and Altered States with Kandice Hawes, Friends of the Farm

Articles That Quote/Mention Ashley:

Illinois Panel Votes To Add Female Orgasmic Disorder As Medical Marijuana Qualifying Condition by Ben Adlin,

CannaSexual is a Movement by Dawn Garcia,

Sex on Psychedelics by Alyssa Morterud,

Enhancing Sex and Sensuality with Cannabis by Leighana Lynn,

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Higher Education at the Sushi+Doobie Rolling Workshop (plus video) by Michele Stueven,

Sushi & Doobie Workshop by Laurie Berger,

Why Survivors of Sexual Violence Choose Cannabis to Heal by Elizabeth Enochs,

How to Have the STI/STD Talk Without Making It Weird by Charyn Pfeuffer,

Why Plenty of Long Term Couples Still Use Condoms by Tierney Finster,

"Can I Get My Butt Stoned?" Experts Weight In on CBD for Anal Sex by Colleen Godin,

Sexual Assault Survivors Share How Weed Treats Their PTSD by Sophie Saint Thomas,

Why "Can You Give Consent While High" is the Wrong Question by Nicolle Hodges,

Cannabis Users Have More Sex, and This Could Be Why by Marie Lodi,

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I Fact-Checked Lisa Rinna's Revolutionary Hand Job Technique by Tierney Finster,

Cannabis and Sex: Part One by Sunny Rodgers,

Afternoon Delight, Kikoko Cannabis Events Bridge Generation Gap by Madison Margolin,

The Rolling Stone Guide to Legal Pot: California by Amanda Chicago Lewis,

Here's What It Means to be a 'CannaSexual' by Amanda Duberman,

Weed Porn: How Two Taboos Became Popular Bedfellows by Lynsey G,

Sexual Pleasure Seekers Look to Cannabis Lube as Latest Enhancer by Kastalia Medrano,

L.A.'s Cannabis Industry Takes a Female-Centric Approach to Sexual Pleasure by Shelby Hartman,

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Phone Sex Spices Up Relationships by Pat N. Diaz, The Puget Sound Trail

How Do I Tell A New Sexual Partner That I Have Herpes? by Laura Anne Haave, MPH, Shepard Express

He Said, She Said: 10 Things We Wish Sex Ed Taught Us by Melissa White, HuffPo Women

Articles About Ashley:

Taboo enthusiast, Hedonist, CannaSexual Ashley Manta Talks Sex + Weed LunaticFemme Blog

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I Named My Rapist on the Internet by Rachel Kramer Bussel,


Books or Anthologies Featuring Ashley:

Shameless Sex: Choose your own pleasure path to unlock the sex life you've been waiting for by Amy Baldwin and April Lampert (November 2023)

Sextrology: Astrology of Your Sexual Subconscious, Secret Erogenous Zones and Lust Compatibility by Nadège (January 2023)

How We Roll: The Art and Culture of Joints, Blunts, and Spliffs by Noah Rubin (October 2022)

Sex, Health, and Consciousness: How to Reclaim Your Pleasure Potential by Liz Goldwyn (October 2022)

What Fresh Hell is This: Perimenopause, Menopause, Other Indignities, and You by Heather Corinna (June 2021)

Your Psilocybin Mushroom Companion: An Informative, Easy-to-Use Guide to Understanding Magic Mushrooms—From Tips and Trips to Microdosing and Psychedelic Therapy by Michelle Janikian (November 2019)

Weed: Everything you wish you knew but were always too stoned to ask by Michelle Lhooq (April 2019)

The Little Book of Cannabis: How Marijuana Can Save Your Life by Amanda Seibert (October 2018)

Girl Boner: The Good Girl's Guide to Sexual Empowerment by August McLaughlin (August 2018)

Curvy Girl Sex by Elle Chase (February 2017)

Sex Hacks: Over 100 Tricks, Shortcuts, and Secrets to Set Your Sex Life on Fire, by Kinkly (January 2016)

Best Sex Writing of the Year, Edited by Jon Pressick (March 2015) 


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