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Welcome! You've found a sex positive, cannabis friendly, passionate sexuality educator, coach, and event facilitator. I am also the creator of CannaSexual™. 

I'm available for one on one coaching and corporate consulting as well as workshops for colleges, bachelorette parties, sex shops, or events. My mission is to help people have joyful, empowered sex lives! I also review cannabis products and gadgets. Check out my blog to get some insight into my work and please email if you're interested in learning more about what I do!

Image of a feminine person with blonde hair in a side braid, red lipstick, gold handcuff bracelets, and a black top, standing in front of a brick wall holding a purple plush vulva puppet.

Upcoming Events that I'm is hosting or attending:


4/19/17: Ganja Yoga Book Launch Party for Dee Dussault, San Diego, CA.

4/20/17: 420 POT-luck party with Dr. Nick Karras, San Diego, CA.

4/21/17: Ashley's 31st Birthday

4/25/17: Ashley's LA Bday celebration

4/27/17: 3pm-4pm Living, Loving, and Thriving with Herpes, O.school Livestream.


5/2/17: Light My Fire: How Cannabis Can Enhance Pleasure, Los Angeles, CA. Buy tickets here!

5/16/17: All Hands on Bits! Hand Sex for All Bodies, Los Angeles, CA. Buy tickets here!

5/27/17: Sexy Fun Times: Supercharge Your Sexuality with Monique Darling, Mira Mesa, CA.

5/27/17: Play Party Bliss with Monique Darling, Escondido, CA.

5/28/17: Embodiment, Intuition, and Goddess Magic with Monique Darling and Arden Leigh, Carlsbad, CA.


6/6/17: Having an Affair with Yourself: Body Confidence and Sexual Empowerment, Los Angeles, CA. Buy tickets here!

6/20/17: Dirty Talk and Sexting, Los Angeles, CA. Buy tickets here!


7/11/17: Sexy Supplies: An Intro to Toys, Lubes, and Accessories! Los Angeles, CA. Buy tickets here!

7/16-7/18/17: Adult Novelty Manufacturing Expo, Burbank, CA.

7/22/17: Handy Skills and Oral Thrills for Penises, Vulvas, and Asses! Los Angeles, CA. Buy tickets here!


8/3-8/6/17: Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit, Washington, D.C. (Hopefully attending!)


9/13-9/15/17: Cannabis World Congress and Business Expo, Los Angeles, CA.


Nothing scheduled yet! Book me for an event!


11/1-11/8/17: Instructor for the Week-long Intensive for Extraordinary Facilitators, hosted by Monique Darling, New Orleans, LA.

Marijuana Business Conference and Expo, Las Vegas, NV. (Dates TBA).


Looking for a specific event? Notice that I'm coming to your town and want to schedule something while I'm there? I'm scheduling new events all the time! Email me with your requests for facilitation!



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