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About Sex Ed with Ashley

Welcome to Sex Ed with Ashley Manta! You've found a sex positive, cannabis friendly, passionate sexuality educator, writer, and podcaster. I am available for one on one coaching and consulting as well as workshops for colleges, bachelorette parties, sex shops, or conferences. My mission is to help people have joyful, empowered sex lives! Check out my blog to get some insight into my world and please email me if you're interested in learning more about what I do! 

This is a safe space for people to share their stories and build community. Thanks for visiting! 

Upcoming Events that I'm hosting or attending:


Explore More Summit - 2/2/16, Online.

Women Grow Leadership Summit - 2/3-2/5, Denver, CO.

Expanding Your Sexual Toolbox with Monique Darling, Peter Petersen, and Ashley Manta - 2/24/16, San Diego, CA. Buy tickets here!

Freedom, Liberation, an All Gender Play Party Bliss hosted by Monique Darling - 2/26/16, San Diego, CA.


Giving and Receiving Pleasure - 3/2/15, Hustler San Diego, CA.


Ashley's 30th Birthday Extravaganza - 4/21, San Diego, CA.


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    Hot Steamy Hotel Sex

    Historically, I've had problems with expectations. I get excited about something, create grand sweeping expectations, and inevitably feel frustrated when the reality cannot come close to the fantasy I've envisioned. For the first time in my life, I had an experience that was even better in practice than what I had imagined in my brain. Seriously. We used 11 condoms in 24 hours. That's a personal record. We spent the entire weekend doing nothing but finding the answers to this question: What would bring you the most pleasure in this moment?
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    End of Year Gift Guide

    Check out my top five gift ideas for the holidays! Don't forget, once you own a toy, you can fuck it however you want!
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