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Welcome! You've found a cannabis friendly, passionate sexuality educator, coach, and event facilitator. I am also the creator of CannaSexual®. 

I'm available via Skype for individual or couples coaching. I am also able to travel to conduct workshops for private groups, colleges, bachelorette parties, sex shops, or events. My mission is to help people have joyful, empowered sex lives! I also review cannabis products, accessories, and sex toys. Check out my blog to get some insight into my work and please email if you're interested in learning more about what I do!




"...Manta has been at the forefront of the growing conversation around cannabis and sex. She's branded herself as a “CannaSexual," speaking on panels about the different ways cannabis can be used to enhance women’s health and advising individuals on how to experiment with cannabis as a tool for intimacy."

L.A.'s Cannabis Industry Takes a Female-Centric Approach to Sexual Pleasure by Shelby Hartman, LAWeekly.com November 2017


"Ashley Manta just had sex. At least, it’s very likely she did. The sex educator, coach and self-identified “CannaSexual” frequently updates her Instagram about when and how she receives her sexual pleasure — be it from one of her partners or via a sponsored sex toy she also tags in the post. As the CannaSexual title might imply, she also regularly identifies which cannabis products she’s using, usually before and after sex. (“CannaSexual” is intended to mean that you’re into mindfully combining sex and cannabis to optimize the way you feel.)"

The Sex Educator Helping Couples Use Weed as the Ultimate Aphrodisiac by Tierney Finster, MELmagazine.com October 2017


"Everyone has secrets. Dirty little ones that they’re not ready to confront or confess. And some of the biggest secrets of all typically fall within two realms: sex and drugs. While society may be loosening up in many ways, the taboo nature of these topics still sweeps them under the rug—out of sight, out of mind, and under discussed. 

Antithetical to the aforementioned we find Ashley Manta. Unabashed, unashamed—and most of all authentic—her work as a cannasexual shines a light on the those things you don’t feel comfortable talking about. Sexual trauma, body image, polyamory, and of course cannabis are but a few of the topics at the forefront of the conversation in Manta’s work, where her willingness to translate the taboo provides a powerful lesson to those that can handle the uncensored truth."

Telling Taboo Secrets with Ashley Manta by Meghan Ridley, PushMag.com April 2017


"Anyhow, sitting here listening to Ashley Manta describe stoner sex after devouring a quarter of that affogato bar with breakfast, one has a few thoughts. This woman is proselytizing before an audience that hangs on her every word. We, the flock, are gathered. It is a Sunday morning. One topic is a sacred act, another a revered substance.

Dude. This is church."

What I Learned (and Smoked) at the World's First Cannabis Wedding Expo by Sam Laird, Mashable.com January 2016

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    Note from Ashley: This is a guest post from a dear friend and attendee of Monique Darling's Wild Women Play Party, which I co-hosted. The event was welcoming to any women-identified folks. This reflection is provided by a lesbian identified cisgender woman, so please take this as her personal experience and not as a broad generalization about women-oriented play parties or those who attend them. You know that feeling when your orgasm elicits applause from a room full of gorgeous, smart, powerful women in various stages of nudity? No? Well then— you’ve never participated in one of Monique Darling’s Wild Women play parties. But before you let your imagination run amuck in pornographic images of Barbie-doll women soaping each other up in a giant bubble bath to swanky elevator music, I will tell you that nothing could be further from, or sexier than, the reality of this experience. Allow me to set the scene.
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    Holiday Gift Guide 2017

      Happy Holidays from your favorite CannaSexual! The following are products I love in the realm of cannabis accessories, self care items, and toys and accoutrements to help you feel more pleasure! This list contains some affiliate links, which is great because that means that you get to support my work and buy awesome products at the same time! It’s a win-win! Also listed below are coupon codes that you can use at checkout to save some money (I know things can be tight around the holiday and every little bit helps!) You’ll note that there are no cannabis-infused items on this list. That was intentional. Since not all of my readers live in California, it seemed prudent to only highlight products that can be purchased in all 50 states.  
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