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Elevated Sex. Enhanced Intimacy.

Congratulations! You've found a sex positive, cannabis friendly, passionate sexuality educator, coach, and event facilitator. I am also the creator of CannaSexual®. 

I'm available for one on one coaching and corporate consulting as well as workshops for private groups, colleges, bachelorette parties, sex shops, or events. My mission is to help people have joyful, empowered sex lives! I also review cannabis products and gadgets. Check out my blog to get some insight into my work and please email if you're interested in learning more about what I do!



Upcoming Events that I'm hosting or attending:


10/24/17: Living, Loving, and Thriving with an STI for CMC Sex Week, Claremont, CA.

10/26/17: Dank Canvas Blacklight Skull Paint Party, Chula Vista, CA. Click here for tickets.


11/4-11/6/17: Instructor for the Week-long Intensive for Extraordinary Facilitators, hosted by Monique Darling, New Orleans, LA.

11/8-11/10/17: Speaking at Cornell College Sex Week, Mount Vernon, IA. 

11/12/17: Panel at High Times Cannabis Cup, San Bernardino, CA.

11/15-11/17/17: Marijuana Business Conference, Las Vegas, NV.


12/2/17: Constellations 2 presented by THC Design, Long Beach, CA.


1/7/18: Empower Her event featuring Ashley Asatu and Ashley Manta, Los Angeles, CA.

1/7-1/9/18: Adult Novelty Manufacturing Expo, Burbank, CA.

1/13/18: Women's Cannabis Business Empowerment Summit, Los Angeles, CA.

1/18/18: XBiz Awards, Los Angeles, CA.

1/25-1/27/18: AVN Expo and Awards Show, Las Vegas, NV.


2/1/18-2/2/18: Women Grow Leadership Summit, Denver, CO.


Looking for a specific event? Notice that I'm coming to your town and want to schedule something while I'm there? I'm scheduling new events all the time! Email me with your requests for facilitation!



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    Play Party Testimonial: In The House of the Shining Hearts

    Note from Ashley: This post was written by one of the attendees of my Embodied Joy Play Party on 9/30/17. I was so touched and honored by her words that I asked permission to publish it directly on my blog and she graciously consented. Thank you so much to this incredible human and to everyone who comes out to my events. This is why I do this.    "I wasn’t certain what to expect when I pulled up and parked my dusty Subaru on that tranquil street. Dusk had just begun to gentle the strong Southern California sun. Immediately upon exiting my vehicle I was greeted by the bodacious and busty embrace of Miss Ashley Manta of CannaSexual. She had been waiting for me. Everyone had. Not only because, once everybody was accounted for the doors had to be locked for privacy, but also because that’s just who Ashley is. She is uniquely adapted to the career she has chosen, with her adorable smile, bright, engaging eyes and just overall loving demeanor. And it is just like her to come out and personally welcome each guest. 
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    CannaSexual Afternoon Delight with B: Meta-analysis (Video)

    I know it's been awhile since I've posted a blog. To be honest, I haven't felt very inspired to write. But then I remembered--I love the camera! So, I recorded a FB live video about the spectacular afternoon sex date that I had with B today. Contains discussions of: cannabis, energetic sex, Tantra, sensuality, relationships, sex toys and supplies, safer sex.
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