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Welcome to Sex Ed with Ashley Manta! You've found a sex positive, passionate, enthusiastic sexuality educator, writer, and podcaster. I am available for one on one coaching and consulting as well as workshops for colleges, bachelorette parties, sex shops, or conferences. Check out my blog to get some insight into my world and please email me if you're interested in learning more about what I do! 

This is a safe space for people to share their stories and build community. Thanks for visiting!

Upcoming Events:

2/21/15: Adult Sex Ed Boot Camp, North Hollywood, CA

3/11/15: "Talk Dirty to Me" at Pleasure Chest Los Angeles 8pm-10pm

3/25/15-4/6/15 - East Coast Tour: Washington DC and Philadelphia

3/27/15: Co-hosting the Shy/Newbie Meetup at CatalystCon East Washington DC 4:30pm-5:30pm

3/28/15: Interview on SexCity with Jon Pressick in the CatalystCon Studio Washington DC 9:30am-10:40am

3/28/15: "Cultivating Shame Resilience in Community" panel at CatalystCon East Washington DC 12:30pm-1:40pm

3/28/15: Carnalcopia records live at CatalystCon Studio Washington DC 3pm-4:10pm

4/11/15: "Having an Affair with Yourself: Body Confidence Boot Camp" with Alex Morgan in Oakland, 11am-6pm RSVP here.



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    How I handle having "the talk" with prospective partners

    I used to jokingly refer to having “the talk” with my prospective partners, “dropping the H-bomb.” For me, it was easier to get it out of the way up front—on the first date.   
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    Learning to Love My Naked Body

    This past year has been a tough one for me for a multitude of reasons, but body confidence was one of the biggest. In case you didn't know, even the strongest advocates for body acceptance have days (sometimes weeks) of dealing with body hatred and self-esteem crises. My shame this year was my double chin. I don't know when I started noticing it, but suddenly in pictures I found myself wanting to cover my chin/neck with my hands, hide behind other people in the picture, or use the old "hold your phone over your head trick" to minimize the appearance. I was loving the rest of me, I even started wearing sleeveless shirts that showed my arm jiggles and fitted dresses that showed my stomach. I bought red lipstick and started doing my makeup in the pinup style that I adore. Everything was going well, except for the damn double chin. Until I found this picture:   My dear friend Lauren Marie Fleming has started this program called Bawdy Love, and here she was, showing off her gorgeous body in all its glory for the world to see. It gave me hope. It gave me strength. It made me realize that loving your body is a choice that you make every single day. It's a habit you have to form, a skill that must be developed. You have to cultivate your positive relationship with your body, and that starts with ceasing the negative self talk ("ew my double chin looks so gross in in that picture") and start treating your body the way you'd treat anyone else in your life that you love--with compassion and respect. Two of these photos are NSFW. This post contains affiliate links.*
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