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Thanks for visiting! It is my mission to empower others and foster personal, relational, and sexual growth. Through one on one coaching, workshops, and hypnosis for stress management, confidence, and motivation I endeavor to help others take control of their lives and make progress in their personal journey.  

 I want my website to be a safe space for people to discuss their ideas, share their stories, and learn from one another. I'm so happy you found my sex positive online community!

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Email: Ashley@AshleyManta.com

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Did you know that I'm now a published author? I didn't get to publicize it as much as I meant to since I've been traveling for the past 14 days, but now that I'm back home in LA, I can share the great news - my educational guide, "A Feminist's...

I've been hinting for weeks about my upcoming educational guide and it's almost finished! It's called "A Feminist's Guide to Phone Sex" and it goes live in less than a week! I've been working with Queerie Bradshaw and her recently created Frisky Feminist Press. You can download it on March 13th. Here's...

Have you ever been poked in the vulva? It's not terribly pleasant. I don't want to think "wow, this really hurts" as I'm masturbating. Let me explain how this happened.   A few months ago, Lovehoney sent me a Happy Rabbit for review. I was excited to receive this toy because...

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