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Welcome! You've found a sex positive, cannabis friendly, passionate sexuality educator, coach, and event facilitator. Ashley is also the creator of CannaSexual™. 

Ashley is available for one on one coaching and corporate consulting as well as workshops for colleges, bachelorette parties, sex shops, or events. Her mission is to help people have joyful, empowered sex lives! She also reviews cannabis products and gadgets. Check out her blog to get some insight into her work and please email if you're interested in learning more about what she does.

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Upcoming Events that Ashley is hosting or attending:



1/18/17: "Smokin’ In The Boys (and Girls) Room" panelist at AVN Novelty Expo, Las Vegas, NV.

1/19/17: "Sex Is...presents Lovin', Tokin', Squeezin': A Cannabis Primer" seminar at AVN's Adult Entertainment Expo, Las Vegas, NV.

1/19/17: The "O" Awards hosted by Sunny Megatron, Las Vegas, NV. I'll be presenting at the awards show with Buck Angel and Dirty Lola!

1/21/17: AVN Awards, Las Vegas, NV.

1/28/17: Orange County Cannabis Singles Speakeasy hosted by Molly Peckler, LoveandMarij.com, and Ashley Manta, Huntington Beach, CA. Request an invitation here!

1/29/17: Embodied Joy Play Party Co-Hosted with Ben Purna, San Diego, CA. Buy tickets here!


2/4-2/5/17: Pleasure Professional Retreat, San Francisco, CA.

2/11/17: Cannabis Conference, Palm Springs, CA.

2/13/17: Trip to San Francisco, CA (details TBA).


3/4/17: Handy Skills 201: Intermediate to Advanced Hand Sex, 2pm-5pm at The Stockroom, Los Angeles, CA.

3/5/17: Transgender Erotica Awards, Los Angeles, CA.

3/14/17: Moderating "The Surprising Health and Sex Benefits of Cannabis" panel at SXSW, Austin, TX.


4/21/17: Ashley's 31st Birthday CannaSexual Bash, details TBA.


11/1-11/8/17: Instructor for the Week-long Intensive for Extraordinary Facilitators, hosted by Monique Darling, New Orleans, LA.


Looking for a specific event? Notice that I'm coming to your town and want to schedule something while I'm there? I'm scheduling new events all the time! Email me with your requests for facilitation!



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    Rewriting My Trauma Narrative Around Cannabis

    Trigger warning: Discussions of sexual violence and trauma. Practice self care.   I have to tell you all something. It something that I haven't talked about publicly. But I think it's something relevant, and I'm only now really starting to see it in its totality. I need you all to understand why me talking about sex and cannabis is kind of a huge deal for me.
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    What Happens When You're Afraid to Take Up Space?

    This post is adapted from a filtered Facebook post I made a few days ago. So many people responded that they'd felt the exact same way at various points in their lives (or at this very moment!) that I realized it should probably go public on the blog.  This article by Jess Zimmerman hit me right in the fucking feels. I have anxiety around having needs in a relationship (romantic or otherwise), because needs make me needy, and needy people don't stay in other people's lives for very long. If I want to talk to you and you're busy? I feel like I'm bothering you. If I want to hang out and you don't/can't? I'm being annoying. If I'm having big feelings (positive or negative)? I'm a burden. CW in the article for heteronormativity, but this does track with experiences I've had in cis guy/girl pairings. I'd argue that it also applies to friendships/human relationships in general.  "The attention whore is every low-maintenance woman’s dark mirror: the void of hunger we fear is hiding beneath our calculated restraint. It doesn’t take much to be considered an attention whore; any manifestation of that deeply natural need to be noticed and attended to is enough. You don’t have to be secretly needy to worry. You just have to be secretly human. As a child, on an endless restrictive regimen that started when I was four, I was told “if you get used to eating less, you’ll stop being so hungry.” The secret to satiation, to satisfaction, was not to meet or even acknowledge your needs, but to curtail them. We learn the same lesson about our emotional hunger: Want less, and you will always have enough." - Jess Zimmerman
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