Why Phone Sex?

"You do phone sex? That's so 90s!"

I close my eyes, focusing on the sensations in my body. I run my hands over my breasts, down my belly, and slip my right hand into my panties. As I begin lightly stroking my pussy lips, I allow the experience to overtake my senses. I open my mouth and begin to moan.

Masturbation fantasies are incredibly common in the phone sex world. My clients want to hear me stroking my clit or fucking myself with a dildo. Since they’re not lying next to me, I need to communicate my enjoyment with a combination of tone, breath, and words. Pleasure begins in the mind. If they wanted to see a woman masturbating, they have plenty of options. They’ve chosen phone sex because it’s deeply personal.

“You do phone sex? That’s so 90s!” I’ve heard that more than once. In the age of technology, when we have smartphones with video chat, email, messaging on various social media platforms, and unrestricted access to porn, paid phone sex may seem like ancient history. The truth is, the phone sex industry is still here and it’s here to stay.

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