Orgasms on Demand

Do I cum on every single call? The honest answer is: no, not always. I do play with myself during the call so that I can make it as authentic as possible. Now if he wants a scene where I‘m whipping him with my riding crop, that’s not the most conducive to masturbatory multi-tasking. Then again, those scenes tend to not require my orgasm at all. Roughly two-thirds of my clients want to hear my orgasm in any given call. Some are strictly focused on their own pleasure and others want a scene that is more focused on sensation, humiliation, or penetration (of him, not me).

Much like “real world” sex, my orgasm depends largely on what’s going on in the scene. If I’m talking about stroking my clit or he’s describing licking my pussy, that call stands a strong chance of ending with my orgasm. Once I actually came before I arrived at that point in the scene. I kept it quiet (years of hookups while my parents were asleep upstairs fostered that handy skill set) and I saved the noises for a more appropriate point in the conversation. There are times when the client wants me to cum almost immediately; this is when the theatrics are necessary.

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