Living with a Phone Sex Operator

When I revealed to my best friend that I recently started working as a phone sex operator (PSO), she was supportive but immediately raised a concern. “Doesn’t Declan mind?” Declan is my partner. We’ve been together for two years, and we just moved to Los Angeles. My best friend’s concern is understandable. 

Declan and I talked about my PSO ambition in advance, and he was supportive and open-minded. Then again, it’s easy to be open-minded in theory. I worried that things might become more difficult as time went on.

I intentionally set my schedule so that most of my on-call time would be during Declan’s work hours. That way there would be no distractions for either of us. Despite my best efforts, a few of my on-call hours ended up being scheduled for times that he is home. Honestly sometimes I wonder how he manages to focus on the TV show he’s watching while I’m moaning loudly in the other room. When I started doing phone sex, I sometimes felt guilty about telling a client how good his cock feels in my pussy while my partner was within earshot.

I asked Declan to weigh in, and he replied, “It is interesting to live with someone who works as a Phone Sex Operator and to be home with her while she is working. The requests that PSOs get range from the typical to amusing and sometimes you can’t help but wonder what request led to the sounds suddenly coming from the bedroom.”

I’m grateful that he finds my job interesting and amusing rather than frustrating. There have been a few bumps though. I used to work primarily out of the living room on my laptop, and a few times I took a call while he was trying to work. The phone sex calls are comprised of an initial “set up” call where I obtain billing information, followed by the “action” call where the sexy time happens. I’ve taken a few calls thinking that they would be quick informational calls, only to have a client go into a lengthy description of his fantasy. Thankfully, Declan and I are highly communicative. We expect each other to voice any concerns or needs rather than silently stewing over a perceived slight. After he brought his annoyance to my attention, I began moving to another room as soon as the phone rang.

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  • Ashley Manta
    commented 2013-12-07 12:47:52 -0800
    Thanks Harry! I have that book on my Amazon wishlist!
  • Harry Jesper
    commented 2013-12-07 09:39:38 -0800
    I just got done reading your article, and really enjoyed it, thank you. Here is a really fun book and audio that just came out about a real full time phone sex operator that wrote a book called: “Pillow Talk: A Glimpse Into the Calls to a Phone Sex Operator”. You can also find this at fun2readybooks-com

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