Hot Steamy Sexy Sex Part II: The Saturday Playdate

In case you missed it, I had a stunningly awesome threesome on Wednesday you can read about here. Before we even got the threesome on the books, B and I had arranged a playdate during his trip to LA. I was lucky enough to fuck him twice in a week! Wooooo! Here are all details on this concupiscent encounter...

I'd been looking forward to that afternoon for weeks. Hours of connected, passionate, intensely pleasurable sex with one of my newer play partners. My primary partner and I have a rule that we can't have sex with other lovers in our bed, so I set up the living room for sexy times. I cleaned, vacuumed, and assembled my supplies: candles around the room, cute lingerie, a table full of lube, gloves, dental dams, toys, and internal condoms, and most importantly, my Liberator Ramp and Wedge set with towels to cover them. 

B arrived as I was in the midst of an emergency. I thought my cat had gotten out and was lost in the neighborhood. (He hadn't). B was so sweet, offering to look for him with me. I kissed him and told him the most helpful thing would be to help me get the anxiety off my mind. He was more than up for the challenge.

We laid down on one of my LoveSacs and started making out. He is highly skillful with his mouth and tongue. When I'm with B, I have this incredible experience of just dropping in completely. When we're alone, the rest of the world disappears and I feel blissfully connected. Every kiss, every touch, is electrified with lustful energy. I get flushed, my breath quickens, and my pussy gets fucking soaked. 

Keeping in line with my CannaSexual proclivities, I'd also set up my cannabis consumption supplies. He took a hit of an arousing sativa strain, (JillyBean I think), and brought me in for a kiss as he exhaled the smoke into my mouth. If you're unfamiliar with this phenomenon, it's called shotgunning a hit. One person exhales the smoke as the receiver inhales. It's like a secondhand hit - great for people who are baffled by the mechanics of smoking a bong or pipe or whose lungs aren't used to inhaling smoke. It's also less potent because some of the THC and cannabinoids have already been absorbed into the lungs of the person who took the hit. I also enjoy it because I get the feeling of kissing B while I'm inhaling and tasting the cannabis smoke, which I enjoy. It's a pretty neat sensory experience. We were both feeling pretty buzzed after a few hits, so we undressed and lay down on the LoveSac. 

The following is not a strictly chronological narrative. After multiple hours together, the order of events ceased to matter. It was all sheer bliss. So here are some vignettes, if you will.

I love hand jobs. I am on a mission to bring back the hand job. My friend JoEllen Notte wrote a great piece in defense of hand jobs in June and it's fantastic. I love them for their nuance, for their ability to be customized, and for their intimacy building. My preferred position for hand jobs is sitting between my partners legs (while they're laying down) with both of our legs outstretched, mine under theirs. It's a perfect position for hand jobs and lots of other things (prostate stim, fisting, etc.) I brought out some of my new favorite hand job/masturbation cream--seriously, best stuff EVER--and got started. I like to begin by warming up the lube/lotion in my hands before I stroke it up and down the length of the shaft, and around the balls (if they're a green light zone). His cock is glorious. Have I mentioned that before? Just absolutely delightful. It's girthy, long enough to fill me completely with room to spare, and lasts for HOURS. HOURS. FUCKING HOURS. I crave it. When I'm with him I want it either in my hand, mouth, or pussy the entire time. The first time we had sex, I looked at him and said, "I think you're going to turn me into a cock slut for you." I was correct. So I stroked his cock until I could bear it no longer, than slid on an internal condom and climbed on top of him. 

I felt him fill me inch by inch as I lowered myself onto him. I get incredibly vocal when I'm with him, moaning, groaning, and cursing loudly. I start to cover my mouth but I caught his eye. He likes it when I scream for him. I felt shudders rock through my body in waves, intensifying with each thrust. I looked at him--he was shaking too. There we were, in the midst of this ecstatic energy, writhing and shivering in pleasure. Together.

As I mentioned in my threesome post, I'm a baby tantrika. I know that energetic orgasms exist, but up to that point, my exposure had been as an observer, not as someone who experienced them. B changed that for me. I don't know exactly how he did it, but I felt waves of pleasure ripple through my body long after he'd stopped directly stimulating my pussy. At another point, I was laying on top of him just feeling his heartbeat, and I began grinding my hips against him. I imagined that I could focus all of my energy and awareness into a energetic cock and actually fuck him with it. I started thrusting and was surprised to find that I could feel myself penetrating him. But with energy. I know it sounds like hippie stuff. But seriously. Ask Monique Darling or Reid Mihalko about energetic cocks and pussies. They're legit. I thrusted and pounded and sped up and slowed down, and I watched his reactions change with each new style. It was FUCKING HOT. 

We smoked a bit more and I was full on stoned off my ass. We were listening to this fantastic playlist and I had that movie montage moment where the music started narrating what was happening. When "I put a spell on you" came on and he whispered "because you're mine" in my ear - I just about orgasmed on the spot. Whispered dirty talk in my ear is like my sexual kryptonite. Or sexual invincibility star. Depends how you look at it. Either way, it's awesome. Then he was tracing his fingers along my lips and I felt like I was dangling from his fingertips. I felt seen, I felt accepted, I felt desired, and it was intoxicating.  He ran his fingers across my skin and down between my legs, delighted to find that I was soaking wet for him. He slid his fingers deep inside of me, then with a devious wink slid them back out and licked my juices off his fingers. 

There was more but I'm a little buzzed and very blissed out from recounting this tale. And trust me, there will be more sexcapades to share in the future. 

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