Healing and Empowerment After Sexual Assault: My first radio interview

In the process of moving cross country in August, I was fortunate to have a stop where I could do a radio interview with the lovely Devi Ward, from "Better Love and Sex with Devi Ward!" 

Admittedly, the logistics were a nightmare. When we left Philadelphia, we (my partner and I) had no idea what driving cross country actually meant--with a cat, no less! Thankfully, we had wonderful friends and family who were willing to host us overnight along the way. One of them was Declan's uncle. He graciously offered us his guest room and even took us out to dinner! Before dinner though, I had an interview. I'd never been on the radio before, much less for an hour live show, so I was incredibly nervous. True to form, Declan was supportive and reassuring. He and his uncle hung out while I locked myself in the guest room for an hour and talked about healing from sexual assault. It was intense, but incredible. Since I didn't have as many followers back then, I want to share the link again because I'm really proud of this interview. Let me know what you think!

Healing and Empowerment After Sexual Assault Interview

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