5 Ways You Can Work Cannabis into Your Flirting Game

We live in an alcohol dominated culture. Most magazines feature ads for liquor, grocery stores are stocked with alcohol (in many states), and one of the most ubiquitous pick up lines is, “May I buy you a drink?” Social outings and meet and greet events are often held in bars, and for that reason I often dread them. Each time someone offers to get me a drink and I politely decline, they look puzzled. Sometimes they even look concerned. “Oh are you sober?” they inquire. “No,” I reply. “I prefer cannabis to alcohol.” At this point, they tend to either become uncomfortable and sputter something incomprehensible about a bad experience with cannabis or they lament that cannabis isn’t readily available in the space.

Where is the cannabis-focused flirting? It occurs to me that because cannabis is really starting to move from the realm of secrecy into mainstream consciousness, some folks might be unsure how to work cannabis into their flirting game. Here are some tips that I’ve crowdsourced from other sex and relationship geeks, and things that I’ve found effective in my own life.

  • Redefine Netflix and chill to specifically include cannabis. A great first date could be a THC cinema evening where you each bring your favorite strains and watch classics like Cheech and Chong, Clerks, or Half Baked. Alternatively share your favorite Conan O’Brien cannabis segment and ask about theirs. Laughter actually promotes social bonding, according to a 2011 study.
  • Offer a refreshment. “May I buy you a drink?” could become “May I offer you a cannabis infused beverage?” I suggest Sprig’s THC soda (which just won 2015 Best of Edibles List for best soda) because it comes in 15mg/serving and 45mg/serving so consumers can choose the appropriate dosage for their needs. With the ever-growing number of edible products on the market, you could offer a prospective flirtee anything from mints to granola to salad dressing. If they’re a foodie, propose making a cannabis-infused meal together!
  • Show off your skills. Can you roll epic joints? Can you blow smoke rings? Offering to demonstrate cannabis related skills--or even better, teaching them--is a great opportunity to bond. I cannot roll a joint to save my life. The other night I met someone who rolled a perfect joint in less than thirty seconds. I was so impressed! I told them of my pitiful attempts and said I would happily provide the flowers and rolling papers if they could teach me their techniques. It was a neat way to use vulnerability to open up a dialogue.
  • Share knowledge! If you’re a Star Wars nerd, you’re probably thrilled to come across another human with the same level of devotion. This can easily translate to cannabis flirting culture. If you’re an expert on flowers, here’s your chance to talk about your favorite strains way a wine connoisseur would discuss vintage, grapes, and flavors. This would be a great way to open up a dialogue when you’re sitting in a group passing around a bowl or joint. Imagine spying a cutie a few people down in the circle and saying something like, “Don’t you love the way the citrus flavor comes across so powerfully in this OG Kush? Did you know the terpene Limonene is responsible for that scent profile?”
  • Be direct. It saves time. “I was standing in line at a coffee shop and there was an attractive woman in front of me. We made eye contact and I asked, “Are you a 420 honey?” She smiled back and said, “Yes I am!” I suggested we take our coffees to go and smoke a joint together around the corner. She happily accepted! It was a great ice breaker!” - Shane Doull, CEO, U.S. Weed Channel.

How do you incorporate cannabis into your flirting style?

This article was originally published on Leafly.com in January 2016. Read the original post here.

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