Sex Educator Ashley Manta Hired To Be The Voice Of "Off The Hook"



Gamelink’s NakedTruth To Showcase Manta’s Aural Adventures As A Phone Sex Operator

NOVEMBER 8, 2013 – LOS ANGELES – Pleasure Advocate and Sexuality Educator Ashley Manta will be the new voice behind “Off The Hook,” a weekly column on Gamelink’s Naked Truth.

“Being asked to write a weekly column about doing phone sex is both flattering and thrilling,” says Manta. “Although I’m certainly not the first sex educator to do some form of sex work, I am the only one at my phone sex company with an academic background in human sexuality. I think that allows me to provide clients with a unique and compassionate experience.”

Naked Truth editor Gram Ponante is delighted to have Manta on board. "We are a new site and our goal is to get our readers thinking about sex more than they already do, if possible. I watched Ashley speak at CatalystCon and Bawdy Storytelling where she was such an engaging and confident performer, and her professionalism is only surpassed by her friendliness. I thought, 'Anyone would be lucky to have Ashley as their Phone A Friend.' We are very excited for her column."

After starting as a phone sex operator just last month, Manta is already utilizing her experience to create new teaching tools. “Phone sex, paid or not, provides intimacy and connection for people in a safe and risk-free environment,” she explains. She has already developed a new workshop, “Press One For Orgasm: A Phone Sex Primer,” and will begin teaching at venues throughout California as early as January 2014.

In addition to being a sex educator and empowerment coach, Ashley Manta is also a professional blogger and writes on topics of sexuality, relationships, and empowerment for the online magazines Evolved World and Kinkly. She maintains her own blog at and was just voted #18 in’s “Top 100 Superhero Sex Bloggers of 2013.”

About Ashley Manta:

Ashley Manta is a sex positive blogger, sexual empowerment coach, and sexuality educator. She currently sits on the Board of Directors for Voices, Incorporated, a non-profit designed to support survivors of sexual violence. She is the West Coast Advisor for the Women’s Circle Project, a non-profit geared toward empowering women to become tomorrow’s leaders. For more information, visit

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About Naked Truth:

Gamelink’s Naked Truth is a destination for unabashed sexiness. From relationships to sex work to porn to adult news from around the world, Naked Truth is the editorial wing of the web's biggest adult retailer and porn star portal, Gamelink. For more information, visit


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If you’d like more information, or to schedule an interview, please call Ashley Manta at 484-947-6153 or email [email protected]


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