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In the interest of full disclosure: The following post contains adult content and a link to a NSFW website.


His breath grew ragged and I could tell his orgasm was building. I ramped up my own moans as I vividly detailed how much I loved the feeling of his turgid cock in my hands. Just as I was about to launch into a lick-by-lick blowjob delineation, I heard the magic noise. The vocal quaver that tells me that my client just came. Hard.


“How did you get into phone sex?” is the first question someone asks when I mention that I work as a Phone Sex Operator (PSO). For me, it was the perfect storm of timing, coincidence, and necessity—with an added dash of professional curiosity. My interest in becoming a PSO began in 2011 when I was getting certified to be a hypnotist. I had already been doing sex education for several years and I wanted to add another skill set to my toolbox. One of the homework assignments was that we had to record ourselves doing a progressive relaxation hypnosis induction. For those non-hypnotists (which I assume is most of you) that involves relaxing each part of the body from the top of the head to the tips of the toes. I recorded it and played it back. Holy shit! My voice sounds really sexy! It’s like a phone sex operator voice! Then my hypnosis instructor said the same thing at class the following weekend. The seed was planted.

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