Holiday Gift Guide 2019

Happy Holidays from your favorite CannaSexual!

The following are products I love in the realm of cannabis accessories, self care items, and toys and accoutrements to help you feel more pleasure!

This list contains some affiliate links, which is great because that means that you get to support my work and buy awesome products at the same time! It’s a win-win! Also listed below are coupon codes that you can use at checkout to save some money (I know things can be tight around the holiday and every little bit helps!)

You’ll note that there are no THC-infused items on this list. That was intentional. Since not all of my readers live in California, it seemed prudent to only highlight products that can be purchased in all 50 states.

Coupon Codes:

CANNASEX for 10% off

CANNASEXUAL for 10% off

CANNASEXUAL for 10% off

Stocking Stuffers (Under $50)



Fun Cup from Fun Factory USA



Budget Friendly (Under $100)

Foria Basics Suppositories


Affordable Luxury (Under $200)



Splurge Worthy (Above $200)


Sybian from

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