Cannabis in the Kitchen: How to Get Flirty with Your Partner Using Food

Sex and cannabis help infuse joy into even the most mundane household activities. This week, we’re focusing on sexy time in the kitchen. Few things bring me as much joy as cooking or baking while baked, and having a partner next to me at the counter makes it even more fun. For making a meal, whipping up a sensual snack, or other food-centric activities, I’d suggest trying creative strains like Jack Herer or Blue Dream, both of which I’ve used successfully for sexy time. You can also check out some active sativas and hybrids or some motivating strains to get the ball rolling.

Food play doesn’t have to be a fetish--it could just be a fun way to interact. Imagine one partner is making dinner, let’s say spaghetti, and is stirring the pot of sauce on the stove. Partner A can stir the sauce and pull out the wooden spoon to taste it and make sure the flavor is just right. Perhaps partner B is standing nearby and asks for a taste. Voila! Instant opportunity! A quick kiss, licking sauce off the corner of the mouth, or possibly a playful food fight, and you’ve just had a nice sexy moment.

You can also use food as a road map for intimacy. Dessert is always a sensual option -- try planning a fun night where you and your partner turn each other into “human sundaes.” Gather your favorite sundae ingredients such as chocolate sauce, whipped cream, honey, peanut butter, caramel, etc., and drizzle it wherever you want your partner to lick, kiss, or nibble. (Pro tip: Ladies, keep anything containing sugar away from your vagina. It’s a recipe for an infection, which is anything but sexy.) If you’re baking something tasty, have your partner lick the icing/batter off your finger. The fingertips have tons of nerve endings, and it can be incredibly arousing.

Sexy time doesn’t have to be long, drawn out, or planned. Frequent touching, kissing, or caressing throughout the day can do wonders to remind your partner just how much they love sexy time with you. Whatever your approach, the most important thing to keep in mind is get creative and have fun! If sexy time isn’t playful, what’s the point? A sense of humor is vital to a healthy sexual experience. Real people don’t go at it like porn stars—there are no flawless bodies or perfect sexual interactions. Some of the best advice I ever received was “enjoy the sex you’re having.” Don’t try to have the kind of sexual experience you think you’re “supposed” to have.

Keep in mind that I’ve used the phrase “sexy time” instead of “sex” throughout this article. I think people naturally think of sex as intercourse, and I don’t want to limit the experience. Sexy time could include intercourse, but it can also encompass oral stimulation, touching, rubbing, licking, caressing, kissing, cuddling, and all manner of other activities in which you and a partner choose to engage. The only limit is your imagination. Remember: your partner’s body is a treasure map, and there are lots of X’s! Bon appetit!

This article was originally published on in February 2016. Read the original post here.


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