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Hey everyone! I'm reaching out to ask for testimonials. I want to be able to give prospective clients a sense of what they can expect when hiring me to present workshops, working with me as a coach or consultant, or bringing me in to facilitate an event.

I'm looking for a short blurb (or as long as you'd like) about what it was like seeing me teach/present at conferences/interact with society in a professional setting. This could also include listening to Carnalcopia, reading my blog, interacting with me at events, watching my YouTube videos, or anything else! I'm especially looking for CannaSexual™ related testimonials--how has my work on sex and cannabis affected you?

These testimonials will appear in marketing materials and my press kit, so I'd love to hear how seeing me teach or interacting with me professionally has impacted you personally or the community at large. Thank you so much, I really appreciate it!

Please indicate how you'd like to be credited for your testimonial in the body of the survey.

Ex. "I love the way Ashley X, Y, Z." - Jane Smith, Sex Educator Colleague Example

How has Ashley's work impacted you?

  • Quin Wolf
    answered 2014-11-04 13:14:16 -0800
    Q: How has interacting with Ashley impacted you?
    A: The first time I ever saw her talk was in a video with Cathy Vartuli (The Intimacy Dojo). Ashley Manta has been a major source of inspiration to me ever since. Her bravery when disclosing past traumas and how those traumas can affect sexual self expression impacted me in a big way. It made me want to talk more with my partner about our own individual traumas and ultimately brought us closer together as a couple. It also made transparency in our other relationships much more natural. Finding one’s voice especially when dealing with traumas is huge and I think Ashley does an amazing job modelling the good that can come from talking about them.

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