Mainstream Media Appearances

CNN Facebook Live NYE with Randi Kaye

Articles That Quote/Mention Ashley:

Sexual Pleasure Seekers Look to Cannabis Lube as Latest Enhancer by Kastalia Medrano,

L.A.'s Cannabis Industry Takes a Female-Centric Approach to Sexual Pleasure by Shelby Hartman,

My Quest to Get My Vagina High by Karley Sciortino,

How to Have the Best Phone Sex of Your Life on Valentine's Day by Kasandra Brabaw,

How to Make Cannabis Part of Your Valentine's Day by

Contact Sport: CNN Reporter Gets Lit on New Year's Eve Cannabis Tour in Denver by Randy Robinson,

AVN Show Debuts Workshop Program Lineup for AEE, ANE Attendees by Sherri Shaulis,

Just Doobie It: Cannabis Goes Mainstream at the Las Vegas Convention Center with MJ Biz Con by Kat Thomas, Santa Monica Observer

What Does It Mean if You Can't Enjoy Sex Without Weed? by Madison Margolin,

Make Way for Cannasexuality by Genna Rivieccio,

I Went on a Month-Long Quest to Achieve Multiple Orgasms by Sophie Saint Thomas,

Welcome to Merry Jane's Sex Week by Noah Rubin,

We Know Sex and Weed Are a Perfect Pair, But Why? by Duke London,

6 Dirty Talk Tricks From A Phone Sex Operator by Danielle Page,

The Lost Art of the Hand Job by Andrew Fiouzi,

Pot Party Attendance at an All Time High by Catherine Goldberg,

Is Diet Weed Real or Just Another Weight Loss Gimmick? by Javier Hasse,

6 Ways Drunk Sex Compares to High Sex by Sophie Saint Thomas,

Is High Sex Better Than Drunk Sex? by Callie Little,

10 Amazing Women to Follow on Social Media by Avital Norman Nathman,

SXSW and the Cannabis Industry: Why 2017 is Different by Brett Konen,

Marijuana and Erectile Dysfunction: The Enduring Myth of the "Stoner Boner" Explained by Miles Klee,

What Happens When Cannabis Products and Love Collide by Zoe Wilder,

Marijuana and Sex: How Weed Affects Your Sex Drive--And Can Help Your Performance by Miles Klee,

How to Give a Hand Job That Doesn't Suck by Lisa Fogarty, Redbook Magazine.

Marijuana is a Natural Aphrodisiac: If You Don't Get Too Dang High by Madison Margolin,

In the Set for Wicked Director Brad Armstrong's DNA by Tod Hunter,

The Rise of the Cannasexual in America by Peter Hoslin,

Road Trip: Los Angeles by Sharon Letts,

Dating with Herpes: Your 10 Step Guide by Amber Madison,

Sex, Paint, and Wedded Bliss by Sharon Letts, DOPE Magazine

Love, with Mary Jane: Inside the World's First Cannabis Wedding Expo by Sam Laird,

Cannabis Oil Is a Medical Miracle: Can It Also Help Your Sex Life? Expert suggests it could help with anxiety by Phillip Smith, AlterNet

Mystery Solved: The Penis Broken Down For You by Cheryl Wischhover,

15 Sexperts on How to Make Consent Sexy by Ashani Jodha,

How To Teach About Herpes by Bryan Harris,

Sexual Health Expo 2015 Makes Successful Phoenix Debut by Ariana Rodriguez,

10 Reasons to Check Out the Sexual Health Expo by Megan Finnerty, Arizona Republic (

Phone Sex Spices Up Relationships by Pat N. Diaz, The Puget Sound Trail

How to Talk About Sex Before You Have It by Rebecca Hiles,

How Do I Tell A New Sexual Partner That I Have Herpes? by Laura Anne Haave, MPH, Shepard Express

Porn Industry Event XBIZ360 Talks Piracy, Technology, Ethics in Los Angeles by Susan Abram, Los Angeles Daily News

HPV: Separating Fact From Fiction by JoEllen Notte, The Redhead Bedhead

He Said, She Said: 10 Things We Wish Sex Ed Taught Us by Melissa White, HuffPo Women


Articles About Ashley:

The CannaSexual and the Dildo Duchess talk Cannabis, Consent, and Sexual Healing by Zoe Ligon,

The Sex Educator Helping Couples Use Weed As The Ultimate Aphrodisiac by Tierney Finster,

CannaSexuality101: The Benefits of Including Marijuana in Your Sex Life by Britni de la Cretaz,

Queering Safer Sex by Hayley Van Allen, The Scripps Voice

Meet Ashley Manta: CannaSexual by

Want Better Sex? There's a Cannabis Strain For That by

Weedsday Wednesday: The CannaSexual Ashley Manta Shares 5 Songs for Your Next Smoke Sesh by

Sex Educator Speaks About the Importance of Loving Yourself by Allie Clouse,

Telling Taboo Secrets with Ashley Manta by Meghan Ridley,

Honored Herbalist: Discovering Cannasexuality with Ashley Manta by

Self Love Sanctuary: Interview with Ashley Manta by

Dexx Interviews CannaSexual Ashley Manta by Dexx,

I Named My Rapist on the Internet by Rachel Kramer Bussel,

Sex City Goes to CatalystCon by Jon Pressick, Sex in Words

Speaker Spotlight: Ashley Manta by CatalystCon Blog (CatalystCon East 2014)

Sex Schoolin': Hot for Teachers December 2013 by Jon Pressick, Sex in Words

Smutty Smarty of Sex: Ashley Manta by Elle "Lady Cheeky" Chase, Smut for Smarties

The Hook Up: Sex Ed with Ashley Manta by Jon Pressick, Sex in Words

Speaker Spotlight: Ashley Manta by CatalystCon Blog (CatalystCon West 2013)

Ashley Manta Joins the Superhero Sex Shop Tour by The Redhead Bedhead


Anthologies Featuring Ashley:

Sex Hacks: Over 100 Tricks, Shortcuts, and Secrets to Set Your Sex Life on Fire, by Kinkly (January 2016)

Best Sex Writing of the Year, Edited by Jon Pressick (March 2015) 


Radio/Podcast Interviews


Ashley Manta, CannaSexual: Enhancing Your Sex Life with Cannabis American Sex Podcast

CannaSexual Ashley Manta on Sex and Cannabis Sex City Radio

All About Masturbation on Sex Safari

How Cannabis Can Improve Your Sex Life on Elevate the Conversation with Doctor Frank

Tackling the Taboos of Sex and Cannabis on Sex Out Loud with Tristan Taormino

Surviving Sexual Assault and Learning Consent on Sex the Podcast with Natalie and Bob

All Things Cannabis with Katie Speak on Netroots Radio

CannaSexual: Romancing the Stoned on Good News with Nurse Heather


Smashing stoner stereotypes on Sex on the Brain with Amory Jane

Healing from trauma on Loving without Boundaries with Kitty Chambliss

Using cannabis to enhance pleasure on The Grass Class with Bri Smith

All things CannaSexual on The Awkward Humans Survival Guide podcast

Dropping sex and cannabis wisdom on I Want It That Way - Bustle Podcast

Why I love hand sex on Fired Up by Hail Mary Jane on DFZ Radio

Hot steamy dirty talk on Girl Boner Radio with August McLaughlin


All about butt stuff on The 4 Play Sex and Comedy Show

Talking about Best Sex Writing of the Year featuring Jon Pressick, Mollena Williams, Amy Dentata, and Ashley Manta on Sex Out Loud with Tristan Taormino

All About Phone Sex on Sex Nerd Sandra


Body Confidence, Sex After Trauma, and Living with an STI on Sexperts with Jaiya, Playboy Radio

CannaSexual musings LIVE at Playground Conference on Tell me Something Good

Talk Dirty to Me on Dates and Mates with Damona Hoffman


Phone Sex, Body Image, and Living with an STI on Mr n Mrs Romance with Marrie and Suzie

Healing and Empowerment after Sexual Assault on Devi Ward's Podcast


Sexuality Articles Written By Ashley



Reacting to Rape: How to Support the Survivor in Your Life

Why BDSM Might Be The Sanest Sex Out There


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