Sex and Relationship Coaching

I used to struggle with self confidence, relationship jealousy, and quite honestly, some pretty underwhelming sex. I was arguing with my partner constantly, which made me feel way less interested in sexy fun times. Also, because I wasn't getting my sexual or emotional needs met, I felt lethargic and my confidence dwindled. I was trapped in a scarcity mindset and couldn't imagine making any changes because everything felt too hard and too stressful. Sound familiar? 

I dreamed of having fulfilling, passionate sex. I dreamed of looking in the mirror and actually smiling at my reflection. And I dreamed of someday actually being able to ask for what I wanted in a relationship. All of those things have become a reality for me, and they can become a reality for you too!

I'm here to help you find your own personal hacks and cheat codes so we can figure out what works best for YOU. I've been working as a sexuality and relationship educator for the past 9 years and I want to take all of that knowledge and put it to work in helping you transform your life!

In the past three years, I've begun incorporating mindful cannabis use as part of my sexual and self-care tool kit and it has helped tremendously! Whether you need sex coaching, relationship coaching, cannabis coaching, or some combination of all three, I'm here for you! 

Sessions are 55 minutes long and are conducted over Skype, FaceTime, or Google Hangouts, depending on your technology preferences. Video component is optional. 

Click here to book a free 15 minute consultation session with Ashley! 

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