This afternoon I had a date with my lover B and it was spectacular. I decided to break down everything we did so that you can see how I have sex, and hopefully draw some inspiration for your own sexy fun times. Contains discussions of: cannabis, energetic sex, Tantra, sensuality, relationships, sex toys and supplies, safer sex.

All about my cannabis enhanced Valentine's Day threesome with my lover Bruno and my fellow sex geek Carter.

Ashley Manta sits down with High Road TV to discuss the relationship between cannabis and your sex life during one of her seminars.

Arden Leigh and Ashley Manta talk love, sex, positive mindsets, expansion and contraction, giving and receiving, trauma, pleasure, witchcraft, the life lessons of The Neverending Story, and calling the corners in someone's ass.

The Weed Show is LIVE with CannaSexual Ashley Manta and your cannabis news headlines from 2/14/17! It’s Valentine's Day on The Weed Show and we’re showing you how to use the best sex toys in the bedroom tonight!

Welcome back to The Weed Show! It’s HUMPDAY, appropriately, as we have Ashley Manta the CannaSexual on today’s live show! Get ready to get PERSONAL! Have any questions you need answered about weed and sex? This is the girl with the answers!

Do you know how to tap into your body and find your "hell yes"? Nina Hartley and Ashley share their thoughts on negotiating and co-creating sexual experiences, mindfulness strategies, and exploring your sexual Venn Diagram. 

"Living With An STI" - CatalystCon East panel presentation, March 2014. Panelists: Adrial Dale, Ashley Manta, Kate McCombs, Raul Queue.

Many people living with an STI are too ashamed to admit their diagnosis. In the de facto hierarchy of STIs, Herpes and HIV are widely considered to be the "worst" to get because they are not curable. In this panel, we combine the knowledge and experience of sex educators and public health professionals, two of whom are "out" about having STIs themselves. We'll discuss sex and dating with an STI, as well as navigating the stigma that exists in daily life. Knowledge is more contagious than STIs. According to the CDC, 1 in 3 Americans have an STI. Those statistics make this an important and relevant discussion for all sexuality professionals.

Are you intimidated by phone sex? Not sure how to start or what to say? Ashley Manta, author of A Feminist's Guide to Phone Sex, and Lauren Marie Fleming, editor of that guide, will teach you some tricks and answer all of your questions, LIVE on air!

Cathy and Ashley share how trauma can affect sexual self-expression, and what you can do to support yourself or others in healing and reclaiming your sexuality.

How can women talk about STIs and getting Tested? Cathy, Ashley, and Kate McCombs share their experiences.

How is herpes an opportunity? Think of it this way. If you're a reasonably ethical person, you realize that informed consent is vital to having a healthy sexual interaction with someone. If you have herpes, that means that you need to tell prospective partners about the condition before you become sexual. This gives you an opportunity to demonstrate that you care enough about that person to allow yourself to be vulnerable. It's not always easy to have the herpes conversation. In this video, Adrial Dale and Ashley Manta talk honestly and openly about living with herpes.

I encourage everyone to take time to reflect on where they are in the growth process. Are you still in the yuck? Don't worry, there are others there too and you can help each other grow. Are you growing but not quite at the surface? Reach out and let people help you. And to those who have blossomed--share your beauty with the world. Don't be afraid of your roots. Remember them, because they are a testament to your strength and perseverance throughout this journey.

Confidence and Body Image can affect how we walk through the world, who we connect with, and who we let love us. Cathy, Ashley, and Kate discuss their adventures in body image.

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